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About Ianthe Jackson

I am Ianthe Jackson and I have been an artist my whole life. I make all sorts of artwork and I always find it hard to stick to one thing. I am just very curious. I will go from drawing to sculpture to weaving and back to drawing again! Over the past few years I have been struck by nature. I have always been attentive to it, while walking around NYC with my son when he was little I always pointed out anything growing or anything in the natural world. The persistence of nature in NY always captures me.

I was born and raised in Buffalo NY and left in a hurry at 18 to see the world! I lived briefly in New Orleans to learn about the roots of American Music. From there I went to Kenya for a year and then Austin TX and then to NYC and never looked back.

I came to NYC to go to school at School of Visual Arts and studied Printmaking and Sculpture. I loved going to school there. I worked so hard to be able to go there. 

After graduating I began teaching english at El Centro de Education de Trabajadores. (workers education center) and I fell in love with teaching. Then I was offered a job in the Department of Education and my love of teaching was very challenged to say the least! But that is a story for another day!

I continued on making my art and playing accordion until I decided to go back to school for an MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. 

stilt house portrait.jpg

This is me and my son standing in from of my Stilt House in Ridgefield Park NJ through Art Mora Gallery's sculpture park. The sculpture was installed but not detailed yet. 

I also loved going to school there! I graduated with an MFA in Sculpture. This period of time I really began to have some great experiences with my art. I traveled to europe for shows and residencies and I had some great shows that were a real turning point for me. 

Now I am working in my studio in the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park Brooklyn. It s such an amazing spot! Right on the waterfront and you can even catch a ferry there. Below are my two studio mates and I, we set up a table for a holiday fair. We call our space Cloud of Bats. To the left is a video of me printing a collograph plate for Valentine's Day


Another aspect of my life is our beloved lake house in the Catskills. This is my son creating a large drawing in the snow on the frozen lake. The house has been a sanctuary from the city and this is where we lived during the pandemic. It was a wonder because I could watch the seasons change day by day. During the spring when the lake was melting we would go in the kayaks and weave our way on the melted pathways around the large ice patches. The birds, racoons and even a bear came to our deck to visit us. It is a place of great love! 



            2018     BY FITS AND STARTS Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, Frederick, MD June 23, – July 29,2018

            2009     IF THE WALLS COULD TALK at Laundromat Galley, Brooklyn NY Curated by Kevin Curran October 2009

            2006     ENTRY ISLAND, Jack the Pelican Presents, November 18 - December 18, Brooklyn, NY

                         BLACK McLEAN, MFA Thesis Exhibit, Temple Gallery, May, Philadelphia, PA

            2004     CELLBLOCK NINE, Solo Project. Eastern State Penitentiary April-November, Philadelphia, PA




                                    625 Madison Ave, NYC September 6-11, 2023

                         GRACE SQUARE ART SHOW

                                    Carl Shurz Park Conservancy, NYC September 9-10, 2023

                         THREADING THE NEEDLE

                                    Mann Library at Cornell University March –September 2023

            2022     WUNDERDONK

                                    Underdonk Gallery Brooklyn NY December 5- December 18, 2023 

                         OFF THE WALL LIC

                                    Artists at Plaxall Gallery, Queens NY November 5-December 18 2022 curated by Nora Homberg

            2021     SCULPTURES IN THE PARK

                                    Group sculpture show through Art Mora Gallery Ridgefield Park NJ, 12/11/21-09/31/22 Curated by       Sunny         Shin.

                         MOCA LIGHTS

                                    Animations projected outdoors throught the town of Patchogue LI, Patchogue Arts Counsel Octeber 2021

                         ARTS ON TERRY

                                    Group show at the Patchogue Arts Counsel September 26, 2021


                                    Group Show at Trestle Gallery September 3 – 25, 2021 Curated by Sisi Chen

                         DRAWING IN THE TIME OF RENEWAL

                                    Group show at LIC-A – Online Exhibition July 20 – August 31, 2021

                         STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WALL

                                    Group Screening outdoors – 14 Thames Street Brooklyn NY 11206 June 11, 2021


                                    Group Exhibition at Local Project NYC, January 30 – February  26, 2021

            2020     SOLUTIONS     

                                    Group Exhibition at Tomato Mouse Gallery, November 20, 2020 – January 4, 2021

                         THE FUTURE IS NOW

                                    Virtual Groups Exibition and event, curated by Electric Djinn and She’s Excited April, 2020


                                    Group Exhibition at ABC no Rio in Exile at Bullet Space, Manhattan, NY February 7-23, 2019

            2018     MALONNY

                                    Crowdsurfing – Permanent Public Artwork Mural painting in Marijampole, Lithuania June 30- July 6 2018

            2016     30WORKS30DAYS

                                    12ø collective and Set The Controls, London April 1 – April 30, 2016

                         MAKING THE FUTURE

                                     David&Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY curated by Michael David and Julie Torrez September 30,2016

            2013     LETS TALK ABOUT LOVE BABY

                                    Printed Matter, NYC, curated by Chido Johnson, February 14 – March 14


                                    Airplane Gallary, Brooklyn NY, curated by Kevin Curran, May 2013

            2010    HOUSE ARREST

                                    Work Sound Gallery, Portland Oregon. Curated by MK Guth May 7- June 7

                        DROP IN THE BUCKET

                                    Local Project, Long Island City, NY June 26-July 10

                        1.5 MILLIION

                                    Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery at Temple University, Curated by Cory Antis. October 2 – October 17

                        GLOBAL WORKS

                                    Global Works, Curated by Ella Kruglyanskaya. October 22 – November 22 2009

                        BURGER SHOW

                                    Laundromat Art Gallery, Curated by Kevin Curran August 8, 2009

                        VICTORY FOR TYLER / SCULPTURE

                                    Crane Arts’ Ice Box Project Space, Curated by Sarina Basta. April 1-26


                                    Cherry Valley Sculpture Mile trail. Cherry Valley NY July 15 – October 15

                        CREST HARDWARE ART SHOW

                                   Crest Hard Ware. Curated by Joe Franquinha Brooklyn June

            2007    MADE HOME

                                   Current Gallery, Curated by Hanna Brancato and Thao Hguyen. Baltimore January


                                   Rotunda Gallery, BRIC Curated by Patrick Grenier Brooklyn November

                        FLOATING PICNIC

                                   Dumbo Arts Festival, Collaboration with Pauline Marcelle. Brooklyn September

                        SCRATCHING THE SURFACE

                                   Artist in Residence with Tim Folland Homeland Gallery, Portland Oregon August

                        LABOR K1

                                   Group Project at Labor K1 Curated by Juliane Zelwies and Jana Linke. Berlin, Germany September

                        ART DAZE

                                   Aldrich Museum, Connecticut NY. July


                                   Screening of Gas Em, Entry Island and FIVE. At the Museum of New Art (MONA) March 9 – 31 Detroit MI

            2006    TURF

                                   Project Space at Luxe Gallery. Curated by Nathalie Angles, April 1 – April 29, New York, NY

            2005    SCOPE MIAMI / GRENDEL

                                  House Truck, Tunnel  Jack the Pelican Presents Curatedby Matt Zalla and Don Carroll December

                        HOME PREMIERE

                                  Gil and Moti Home Gallery in collaboration with the Netherlands Photo Museum. Curated by Gil and Moti September 8-October 8,                                    Rotterdam, NL

                        59 SECONDS FESTIVAL

                                  Pioneer Theater NYC Curated by Irina Danilova September 5

                        LIGHT/SOUND/ACTION: Art and Technology

                                  Utica College, one of a 7-site series, 'Sculpture Central International', October 15- December 22.Utica, NY

                        59 SECONDS FESTIVAL: EUROPEAN TOUR Screening of Gas Em

                                  Babylon Cinema, April 23, Berlin, Germany OFFicyna, April 24, Szcecin, Poland Monochrom Museumsquarier April 25, Vienna,                                      Austria Multimedia Festival Multiplace in Jan Koniarek Gallery, April 26, Trnava, Slovakia Film Club 35mm, April 27, Bratislava,                                        Slovakia Top Kino, May  22. Vienna Independent Shorts Festival Vienna, Austria

                        59SECONDS FESTIVAL: WEST COAST TOUR- screening of GAS ‘EM, Winter 2005

                                  911 Media Arts Center, December 2. Seattle, WA Artists' Television Access (ATA), December 8. San Francisco, CA EZTV,                                                December 13. Santa Monica, CA Media Arts Center, December 15. San Diego, CA

                        MS.FILMS NORTHWEST TOUR-Screening of LIVER

                                  Artists' Television Access, October 23, San Francisco, CA The Long Haul Info Shop, October 24, Berkeley, CA Liberty Hall                                                Community Center, October 26, Portland, OR Yes Yes Alliance, October 27, Olympia,

                        2005 TYLER GRADUATE FELLOWS EXHIBITION

                                  Penrose Gallery, Tyler School of Art, April 2005, Philadelphia, PA

                        JURIED MFA EXHIBITION

                                  The Crane Arts Building, April 2005, Philadelphia, PA


            2006    MYHOUSE GALLERY

                                 Shining Cliff Residency, Derbyshire England Feb 26 – March 1 2007

                        HOMELAND GALLERY

                                 Scratching the Surface Residency and Exhibition August 1 – August 31 2007 Portland, Oregon

            2005.   ART OMI, Residency recipient for June - July 2005, Hudson Valley, NY

            2002    SCULPTURE SPACE Residency and grant recipient for July – August, Utica, New York

            1999    THE MANHATTAN GRAPHICS CENTER-1999 Summer Scholarship Recipient, New York, NY


            2018     NYFA ARTIST AS ENTREPENEUR BOOTCAMP October 11-14, 2018

            2007     LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY FOUNDATION Nominated for the 2007 award

            2005     LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY FOUNDATION Nominated for the 2005 award

                         ROLEX MENTOR AND PROTÉGÉ ARTS INITIATIVE Nominated for the 2006 award     

            2003     TYLER SCHOOL of ART – TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, Fellowship recipient for the MFA Sculpture Program  2003 –2005


            2021     Artwork and Writing – Orenda Arts Journal, Volume 2 #1 Winter 2021

            2020     Interview,

            2019     Interview, April 2020

            2018     Interview, Art Reveal Magazine no.41, August 2018 pg 18-19 ISBN 9780464943921

            2010    ‘Lookout House’ Architectural Inventions – Visionary Drawings by Matt Bua and Maximillion Goldfarb

            2010     Drawing Magazine. New and Notable  Summer 2010, pg . 14-15

            2005     Libby Rosof,  “I Love a Parade”, Philadelphia Art Blog, review of BLACK McLEAN, May

            2004     Roberta Fallon, “Eastern State Penitentiary”, Philadelphia Art Blog, review of CELLBLOCK 9, April


            2019     HECKSCHER MUSEUM  in collaboration with the Patchogue Arts Council – Slide Slam Slide presentation of artwork - February 8, 

            2007     PICA Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture August 2007

                         TYLER SCHOOL of ART Visiting Artist Lecture, September 2007

            2006     YESHIVA UNIVERSITY Visiting Artist Lecture, November 2006, NYC

            2005     FAIRLEIGH DICKINSON COLLEGE - Visiting Artist Lecture, November, Teaneck NJ

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