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Stilt House


Right smack in the middle of the pandemic I saw an open call for sculptures at Tomato Mouse Gallery. I submitted Stilt House and was so happy to be able to show it there. We had a great time setting up. There was an opening and everyone told me I was crazy for going and no one wanted to attend. So we did a zoom opening and we walked around the gallery and showing the work and the artists discussed their pieces. To the right is a video of me and my son setting up Stilt House and below are images of the installation and a zoom shot of the presentation

Stilt House started at a time when I was thinking alot about home and where we come from. It started at a residency in Nottingham England called 'My House Gallery' in which two artists received a grant to invite about 20 artists to come to stay in a rental for 5 days and share ideas and collaborate. I thought alot about how they all came from ancient histories in their homeland. I had really been feeling how young and uprooted America is. My lineage had been broken and transplanted so much. Their were stories, idiosyncrasies, familial qualities and cultural remnants from a place I had never been. There were things that made my life and who I was a certain way and I could not access it. 

Stilt House was an unreachable home, an unreachable place of origin. A home you could not enter. 

I first built Stilt House in a small studio in Bushwick Brooklyn and had to make it collapsible so I could break it down each time I left the studio so I was not in the way of my studiomate. One windy day I dragged all the pieces to the roof of my studio and photographed it. It was very precarious and I was lucky to snap the shot to the left before the whole thing blew over!

Stilt House at Tomato Mouse Gallery "Solutions"


Stilt House at 'Sculptures in the Park' - Art Mora Gallery

After Breaking down Stilt House again, I was happy to learn I could find a more long term home for this sculpture. It is currently on view at in Ridgefield Park NJ through Art Mora Gallery for the exhibit 'Sculptures in the Park' Curated by Sunny Shin.

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