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Using needle and thread, warp and weft, 28 artists mend and explore the meaning and self-expression behind textile creation and envision a future of textiles and “slow fashion” that brings storytelling back into the conversation and back into our own relationship with the textiles in our lives.  

Opening March 23, 2023 at the Mann Library Gallery, Threading the Needle: Weaving Traditions into Contemporary Textile Art features the following artists:


Yasmeen Abdallah  
Jennifer Bantz 
Susan Berger 
Sarah Boink 
Isabel Padilla Bonelli 
Heewon Chung 
Mae Colburn 
Melissa Conroy 
Polly Giragosian 
Sarah Gotowka 
Mimi Graminski  
Samara Elán Huggins 
Ianthe Jackson 
Vandana Jain  
Jan Kather 
Magdalen Lindenberg 
Julia Luff 
Susan Martin Maffei 
Stacie Mann 
Piotr Pandrya 
Katrina Rodabaugh 
Kari Rosland 
Linda Friedman Schmidt 
Hilla Shapira 
Stitch Buffalo 
Cameron Taylor-Brown 
Laura Wasserman 
Mallory Zondag 

Video: Video accompanies artwork in Threading the needles. See below.

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