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Request a Course

If you have a class in mind reach out to me at the link below. If you are not sure, take a look at some of the suggestions to the right. I have taught these courses in the past. 

All of the courses are available on zoom and in person in NYC. Cost of course is per person and there is a minimum of 6 people per group. Zoom courses will send a kit in the mail to each participant. 


Drawing class can be focused on learning practices of drawing, from figure drawing to drawing from life to drawing from the imagination. Learn to create your own vision on paper using resource images and developing ideas and using mixed media materials for your work. Reach out to discuss and design the course you suits you and your group. 


Watercolor workshop 1.5 hours Learn the basics and different aspects of watercolor painting including washes, color blending, layering and lifting colors. Make a painting with a paint set you can take home. (link to images of Sunnyside class (40$ per participant)

watercolor class2_edited.jpg


  1. Weaving Workshop 1.5 Hours Learn to weave on the tapestry loom in this three and a half hour workshop. You will take home your own loom, and have the option to create a wall hanging, pillow or a pouch. In this class you will learn how to warp your loom, learn basic weaving techniques as well as how to add embellishments and make your own materials to weave with.

You will walk away with:

  • A beautiful artwork

  • A tapestry loom

  • Learning a new craft and multiple weaving techniques

  • Materials to keep making more weavings!

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation Series - Learn to animate using your phone and simple materials at home! This is a series of 6 classes at 1.5 hours for each session in the course you will learn storyboarding, puppet making, basics of animation, (some add ons like rotoscoping.) editing in the stop motion app.

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