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Hammock House


Hammock House started with this drawing of a house resting in a hammock. The window emitting a yellow glow. 

I built the house and from there created a quilt made from clothes from my family that I came from to be the hammock. The bottom layer of the quilt is blue satin representing the waterways of migration in my family history. 

In the installation I decided rather than a yellow glow coming from the window, I wanted to create an animation of water dripping and slowly filling the house. 

Hammock House was shown as part of a solo exhibition at the Delaplaine Art Center in Frederick MD.

To the right are images of the Hammock House installed at the Delaplaine Art Center. The largest image is taken from my studio. 

Below are videos that were part of the exhibition. The video 'Window Drip' (a stop motion animation) on the left was projected in the window of the Hammock House. The video on the right 'Window Flood' was projected on the wall the size of an actual window. 

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