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Tree Room

Tree Room was made at the very beginning of Covid lockdown. I used an online tutorial to make an animation with photoshop. I chose this drawing because it was the outside and inside together. The imagery of the green fluid seemed exactly how we all felt at the time, like an ominous being taking over and submerging us. 


Runner was made with hand drawn paper cut outs and stop motion. To create it I used the stop motion app and edited it on the app as well. 

The character is unable to escape themselves as they keep finding their shadow. 

Gas 'Em

The title Gas 'Em came from a teaching job I had. All the kids in the school were transitioning out of Riker's Island. When ever someone was getting egged on or given compliments the kid's would say, "Don't Gas 'Em!' Throughout this video the character is gassing many people. The 

Entry Island

Entry Island is a stop motion animation made with paper cut outs. The real Entry Island is a small island in the Magdelaine Islands in Nova Scotia. My grandfather came from there and the character is a character named Black McLean I created as a conglomerate of stories and people I have heard about of our family history.


FIVE. is a 3D animation made with puppets and sets. It is the longest animation I have made. Looking at this work now, I realize it has a similar ideas of cycles. In this story the cycles are of characters and relationships. My work now is reflecting on cycles in nature and our relationship to that. 


Procession is an animation made for a projection. The live character (me dressed as a teenage boy) is on the floor and the procession of people (animated paper cut outs) is projected on the wall. When installed it is as though the people are passing by this person on the floor. 

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